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FTP Instructions

If your files are larger than 5 megabytes then use FTP to send us your files.

  • If you are sending multiple files please compress them into a single Zip or Stuffit file. Do not try and send folders unless they are compressed.
  • NB: do NOT use punctuation, spaces or special characters in the filename you want to send to us.
  • Please make sure there is a period and the appropriate 3 character extension at the end of your filename when naming your files - even for Mac files.

There are 3 methods to send us files

Option #1
For files under 10 megabytes.
Go directly to our
Browser Based File Upload Page

Option #2
Using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Netscape:
Some previous versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape, do not support file uploading.

  • Locate the file(s) you wish to upload and position the window in a convenient location on your desktop.
  • Go to your browser software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape...) and go to the following link: (if you get a "page cannot be displayed" error refresh the page)
  • The logon window will appear:
    • User name: hoffmanhanson1
    • Password: 257a06
      If you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer you can select "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer" from the "Page" tab and use Windows Explorer to transfer files.
  • Shrink and position the empty window so you can also see the window containing the files you want uploaded.
  • Drag your files to the empty browser window and the uploading process should start.
  • Follow up with an email to detailing the file names you uploaded and what you would like us to do with them.

Macintosh Users - OSX
From the Finder under "Go" select "Connect to Server" and type in the following address:
when prompted for the password type in: 257a06 - you can save the password to your keychain for future use.
The ftp directory will appear as any Network drive and you can drag and drop your files.

Option #3
Using Dedicated FTP software.
This is the most reliable method for large file transfer.
- eg. CuteFTP, WS_FTP_Pro etc. (Fetch or Cyberduck for the Mac)
Start up the FTP client software of your choice use the following parameters and save the location for future use.

  • Login Instructions:
    • Hostname :
    • Login : hoffmanhanson1
    • Password: 257a06
  • Transfer your file(s) and send us an email to detailing the files you sent and what you would like done with them.

Or if you prefer go to our upload page.

General Information

Graphic Design

  • Canengraves team of experienced designers can develop your documents from scratch or fine tune your concept into a professional image.
  • We support all major software programs - Mac or PC

Output Service

  • We have up-to-date, mainstream software on both Macintosh and PC platforms for fast output to imagesetting film, digital black & white or colour.

Technical Support

  • Does your commercial printer have difficulties with your computer files?
  • We can help - our system accepts all major software programs (MSWord, In-Design, Acrobat PDF's, Illustrator, Corel, Publisher, Pagemaker, Quark...). If you have any questions about your files email us: or call us at
    604 580-2201

Data Transfer

  • We support all major media - CDROM, DVD, USB Flash Drives
  • Internet File Transfer
  • If you are sending multiple files please compress them into a single Zip or Stuffit file.
    • Files smaller than 5 megabytes can be emailed to:
    • Files over 5 megs please use FTP. Details are on the left.


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